The Land of Never-ending Tastes

The story of a pioneer country in exotic spices and tea export, globally renowned for being so flavorful in taste and their healing properties.

Sri Lankans are one of a kind. Their cuisine is extravagant in ways you cannot imagine. The food culture has been a journey to this country. You'll never find this much flavor anywhere else. And other than two down-to-the-roots Sri Lankans, who will be able to fascinate you all with Sri Lankan flavor stories? Therefore, we bring you "CeylonFlavors" with enchanting stories about the cream of Sri Lankan flavors and you won't be able to resist.

We are from Sri Lanka, the land of wonders. Talking about flavors and spices, it’s what Sri Lankans do. Those exotic relishes you find mesmerising, we have it for lunch everyday. So, let’s take a trip there to find out how Ceylon became this tasty.

What are Sri Lankan spices?

From world famous cinnamon to local household favourite, curry leaves, Sri Lanka is the home to many types of iconic flavorful spices. Turmeric, cloves, pepper, cardamom, lemongrass and citronella, nutmeg and mace and ginger are some of the most commonly used spices in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan mothers are their own cordon bleus and they just love cooking for their loved ones. With all those relishing and a pinch of motherly love, they come up with the world’s most underrated yet such delectable dishes.
These spices are used to enhance not only the flavor but also the fragrance and color of food.

Ceylon spices on chopping board
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Spice Export Industry in Sri Lanka

Each of these spices require their own geographical and climatic conditions to grow. And as a tropical country with a vast diversification in both landscape and climate conditions, Sri Lanka has become able grow all those spices without having to put great too much effort into it. Many of those spices are grown organically and Sri Lankan households grow them in their home gardens for daily usage.

Among them, several businessmen have taken over exporting spices as their job because Sri Lankan spices have become extremely popular among the populations of the world. Now, spices and allied products fill 56% of Sri Lanka’s agricultural exports. It’s one of the main export incomes of the island. These spices are grown in vast lands, mostly organically, throughout the country in the best quality and exported to a number of countries who have been fans of Ceylon Spices along the days.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Coffe with cinnamon
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Most of the Sri Lankan spices are not only about the flavor. They have a ton of health benefits. Ceylon cinnamon has been recognized as one of the signature products of Sri Lanka with such health benefits and so much flavor. For instance, medical studies have found out in 2003 that cinnamon is extremely beneficial for patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It also reduces LDL cholesterol. Cinnamon has also proved to be having medical properties helping to cure Alzheimer’s Disease and slowed down the spreading of Cancer cells. Ceylon cinnamon is also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. It helps fight off bacteria. Since these health benefits and not to mention the exotic flavor, Ceylon Cinnamon has become one of the premium products of Sri Lanka around the world.

Ceylon Tea

Let’s drift off a bit from spices, this is the symbol of quality. Pure Ceylon Tea has been known all over the world from hundreds of years ago. The British first brought the tea plant to Sri Lanka to grow as an agricultural export item to Great Britain. From those colonial days onwards, Sri Lanka still produces the best tea in the world, second to none. It’s growth has surpassed geographical boundaries and we have tea plantations even in the southern parts of the country. It is reputed for its taste and aroma.

Picking tea leaves in Talawakelle, Sri Lanka
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Ceylon Tea is the cleanest tea in the world. Sri Lanka uses the least amount of pesticide in tea plantations according to ISO Technical Committee. Sri Lanka has even achieved the Ozone Friendly Tea label which is recognized under the Montreal Protocol Treaty. And we are proud to say that Sri Lanka is the first Ethical Tea Brand of the World recognized by the United Nations Global Compact. Tea exportation is diversified as to the signature balck tea, instant tea, bio tea and even flavored tea. And that is how Sri Lanka became known for simply the World’s Best Tea.

Spice history of Sri Lanka

Back in the days, when Sri Lanka was known as Taprobane, Serendib and even Ceylon, it was equally famous around the world for its spices. Spices are one of the most ancient products and exports of Sri Lanka. It has been proved by historical facts that we have maintained business relationships with Greeks, Romans and Arabs regarding spice trade. Looking at old trade route maps, as old as 1400’s, almost all the trade routes have had stops in Sri Lanka which was definitely for spices and ivory. Even the Portuguese, Dutch and British laid their eyes on this island because it was known for the world’s best spices and ivory. The reason for lucrative spice history of Sri Lanka is that we are rich with all the different soil types and diverse micro climates needed for growing the spices maintaining the perfect taste and texture. Also, Sri Lanka is the origin of most of those spices as they are endemic to the island.

And here’s what we are going to do. We will tell you more spellbinding stories about the flavors of Sri Lanka including spices, tea and many more. One stop for all the Lankan relishes. This country has loads to offer. Many you have seen and many more you have not. Don’t worry. CeylonFlavors is here to offer you all you could ask for and more. People from around the world have fallen in love with this entrancing island with such giving beauty and generous hospitality. This island will not disappoint you and we are here to prove it. It’s the land of our birth and the land you all are going to love. Stay with us to check out what is going to be in store for you. Ay