Does Cinnamon help killing Oral Bacteria ?

Peoples are suffering from bad breath issues all the time. Here is how cinnamon helps to kill Oral Bacteria.

Peoples are suffering from bad breath issues all the time. Most of the time they occur because of poor dental health habits. In the medical world we call it halitosis and this may be also a sign of other health issues as well. The thing is that bad breath can be worst sometimes due to the types of food you eat.

Our digesting process start as soon as one starts eating food. You break down the food in your mouth first and then it goes to the next section of the digesting process. If you are type of person who loves to eat food with distinctive odors such as garlic or onion, you have to brush once you are done eating those things to get rid of bad breath. But brushing is not enough to cover up the odor completely. Odor stays in your mouth and body until the food have passed through your body.

Cinnmon sticks in a cup
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Dental scientists in Chicago did a research about Cinnamon to test the level of effectiveness in killing oral bacteria in your mouth including germs responsible for giving you the bad breath. Also a few scientists in University of Illinois, College of Dentistry did a research about Cinnamon and found out that oily cinnamic aldehyde helps to kill oral germs which is a principle flavor compound in Cinnamon.

So next time you feel bad about your bad breath try consuming something with cinnamon like cinnamon gum to get rid of it other than regular chewing gum which only kills the odor and not the bacteria.